West Toronto Pacers  know that a one-speed workout program can be not only boring, it also won’t maximize your performance. If the only speed your running right now is medium, then it’s time to try something new and what better way than training with a group to get the knowledge, confidence,  motivation and safety you need to go beyond ‘medium’.

The top 5 reasons to shake up that program and run with West Toronto Pacers:

  1. Have more interesting runs: Doing the same workout, day after day, isn’t a lot of fun. Sure, you  enjoy running as much as the next person, but changing things up is good. Too much repetition is hard on the mind!
  2. Get faster and stronger: Mixing even just a little speed into your workouts will make you a stronger more confident runner.  Add speed every week and you will run faster.
  3. Run faster, longer: Add weekly tempo and interval training workouts and feel much stronger, durable and speedier on your weekend long runs. We’re not suggesting you sprint your long runs, but there’s no doubt the long run kilometers will click off faster when you shift gears on your mid-week runs from medium to at least ‘extra’ medium.
  4. Safety in numbers: Adding tempo and interval training runs can be intimidating for new and experienced runners alike. Our  group is friendly, knowledgeable and comes in all speeds and race disciplines from 5ks to ultra marathons, to those crazy Ironmen and women. We’ll help your mind and body adapt – safely – over to tempo and interval runs. The power of group running cannot be overstated. Intimidation? Not here.
  5. You’ll like us, you really will: You might never meet a more supportive group of athletes! We work hard but keep it light and don’t take ourselves too seriously. Try us, you’ll like us.

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