You have been running for a while, and enjoy running at least 6 to 8 km; participated in numerous run clinics/running solo too often. You would like to run with a group of runners to improve or maintain your endurance, strength and speed.  The club is also very social with some members, meeting at a pub or coffee house after the workout.


We can help you achieve your goals. How?

We offer the power of group training and motivation to complete two of the three fundamental training runs which you would not do on your own – or at least not as willingly! We train through rain, snow or shine. Come give us a try, and see how we make the hard work fun!

We meet at Memorial Pool and Health Club located at 44 Montgomery Road, Toronto, Ontario, M8X 1Z4

  • Tempo Run (10K)                            Tuesday    at    6:30 PM
  • Interval Training                              Thursday  at    6:30 PM

Before joining our club, please feel free to drop out to try our training sessions out first.


The West Toronto Pacers is dedicated to promoting running as a lifestyle, improving the fitness of our community, and providing a welcoming environment for those relatively new to the sport and seasoned veterans alike.

INTERESTED?  Contact us via the WTP Booking form

Before joining the club, feel free to check us out for a few sessions before making a commitment to join the West Toronto Pacers.

Membership Information


2014 club member shirts are now in.

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